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The political sands are shifting in the Middle East. New alliances are being formed that until recently would have been unimaginable. But as the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and, potentially, Sudan forge closer relationships with Israel, where does this leave the Palestinians, particularly those in Gaza? How is Hamas – the elected government of Gaza – and its paramilitary wing, the Qassam Brigades, adjusting to the new regional political climate? In this film, Al Jazeera Arabic’s Tamer Almisshal meets Hamas’s political leader Ismail Haniya and discovers dramatic and surprising military preparations that may seriously concern Israel and its allies.

Today, the Gaza Strip is blockaded by the two countries bordering Gaza, Israel and Egypt, but it somehow continues to obtain rocket technology, some of it homemade, some smuggled in. Tamer Almisshal has obtained video of rockets being manufactured in Gaza. Iran is cited as a likely supplier but the source of some of this weaponry is unexpected. While clearing damage from the 2014 Gaza War, the Qassam Brigades came across unexploded Israeli missiles and say they have repurposed them into a source of arms. Hamas explains how another arms supply was sourced by a specialist unit of Palestinian divers, who were tasked with searching the seabed for weaponry and who claim to have recovered projectiles from the hold of century-old sunken ships.

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  1. Don't you by now should've realize that persisting in this line of narrative is the very reason that the Palestinians are suffering to these days. The Arabs keeps wanting them to fight their war with the Jews without they having to do it themselves. Can we use a little bit of imagination please. What if the narrative was different from the 1960s or even before that? What if the arrival and the formation of modern Israel state was embraced from the beginning by the local Arab population [since evidently the neighboring Arab nations will not integrate them as their own people]? Will there be so many miseries and deaths? Will the violence of Israel's police and armies already curbed by the laws against doing harm to their own citizens? Will the non Jews citizens of the Israel nations will also benefit from the good governance and economic prosperities of the nation? The idea that the Israelis government need to create alliances with other sovereign Arab nations to be able to face Hamas is ridiculous! Hamas even failed to provide for their own people. it is not a comparison of the equal powers and as the law of logic reveals, to made such comparison is a Logical Fallacy. I admired Al Jazeera because of the different insight it provides other that major news agencies of the West. However every time I meet the reports involving Israel, you are immediately turn into an agent of skewed propaganda. The victims for this action is non other than the very people which you claims you are fighting for, the Palestinians. Trump was right that the solution must be build on the reality and not from a daylight dreaming. That if you are serious of helping so many that have been victimized by this ongoing saga.

  2. the palestinian speaker is right in saying palestinians themselves want their own palestinian sovereign state… naturally, they beg for support from sympathetic adjoining neighbor countries… north korea survived far away americans by stcking to adjoining neighbor nations… cuba/fidel castro is the most intriguing survivor from washington aggressions… in the midst of the bottom down economic collapse of soviets//russia, cuba didnt bow down to washington demands… for hamas gaza for palestinian sovereign state, at this point in time, they deserve a sovereign palestinian state with own national self defense…

  3. iin the part of the hamas, it is not rational to be without arms when your surrounding neighbor ccuntries keeping on building up their military arms… even a small kid would look around for weapon for self defense if bullied… at this point in time… both palestinis and israelis need own state… ttoo each its own…. north korea and south korea had no exchange of miltary attaccks for 70years in their given separate statehood sovereignties… hamas/gaza survived decades, on their own palestinian resistance, they could continue surviving even wth arab monarchies friendship with tel aviv… just as tel aviv continue to survive by promoting peace offers that ensure stable economic and political security to the gaza/hamas of a palestine state… hamas/gaza palestine state would be like the puerto ricans… teeny indigenous sovereign state…

  4. If anything, this video only seems to prove Israel's point. Hamas' main concern is the battle against Israel. They hold little care for what actually happens to civilians inside. Any amount of useful building material gets used to create more weapons to continue the fight, instead of rebuilding and improving life in the Gaza strip.

    The amount of risk they take by taking unexploded ordinance and repurposing it nearby civilian compounds only further endangers the civilians nearby, both in terms of accidents during manufacturing, and Israeli bombardment of these facilities.
    In addition, every video portraying their rocket launches shows at least 1-2 diverting completely sideways. Many rockets land within the strip and those that don't are completely inaccurate and are more likely to impact the civilians on the other side than legitimate military targets.

    Palestinians need to realize that they are not on the winning side. The more they refuse to accept Israeli demands, the more they suffer, and the more they seem to be left behind by the rest of the Arab world. Asking for the complete return to 1967 borders is no longer realistic. Millions of Israelis now live beyond the old borders, and Israel is economically and socially incapable of removing them. It's like asking someone to reconstruct a shattered glass… It's plainly impossible without resorting to all out war (something which they are nowhere near being able to do against a massive military juggernaut like Israel).

  5. Hows about full citizenship and equal rights for Palestinians A dismantling of Gaza boarder fence. And Palestinian property rights on confiscated land and full participation in IDF in return for disarming . 1 Contry, 1 Law , 1 defense force. And no ethnic discrimination. But they won't do that cos Israel is a Rothschilds theifdom.

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