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In European cities, young people of Arab descent often see themselves as socially, economically and culturally excluded from their immediate environment. In some cases, they are also vulnerable to radicalisation.

In Belgium, the densely populated Brussels suburb of Molenbeek is home to 100,000 residents, many of them first and second-generation immigrants. It gained notoriety in 2015 as the home of some of the Bataclan attackers in Paris. In Sweden, Muslims in the Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby say that authorities have abandoned them, leaving them vulnerable to far-right racist attacks, while police dismiss suggestions that they have failed to protect immigrants. And in Denmark, in the Copenhagen suburb of Norrebro, communities speak of a social hierarchy that places Danes at the top of the socioeconomic ladder and Arabs at the bottom.

In The Other Face Of Europe, we visit these three cities to get an insight into the issues and to hear directly from those living with it every day: radicalised young people, criminal gang members, fighters returning from Syria and their families, as well as politicians, experts, psychologists, social workers and security officers. What is at the root of youth radicalisation in these communities? And how do significant influences at play – such as right-wing anti-immigrant politics, negative media coverage and social deprivation in the poor suburbs of relatively prosperous cities – deepen these tensions?

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  1. …if they feel mistreated… why are they there? … they were not forced nor are forced to live among people who they consider are infidels… islam does not share the same values and morals as western secular society… the default lifestyle… yet prefer living among infidels and expect them to make their lives better… people have built and ordered their society for centuries to fit their ideas… they do not have to change it to fit non-members… try to fit in the mold and not expect the mold to fit… there is no right nor entitlement when you choose to settle among people who have developed their own culture and way of life…qualifying, different from yours…westerners are called devils, yet are looked upon to bring deliverance from hardship-life and are expected to accommodate the needs and demands of others and conform to certain standards of civility, humanitarian, accommodation and acceptance… not expected nor demanded of others… humbly suggesting… the beloved homeland with its preponderance of your beloved culture is still there… waiting! …wondering why after going to fight to establish a califate you returned to the land of infidels… what a diabolical group of believers.

    … the motive of this video is questionable…

  2. This is incredibly one sided and a disappointment after having enjoyed much of your Mehdi Hassan videos Al Jazeera. Where are the proof of suggested "high level of hate crimes" in Sweden for instance? Where is the argument, and where is the counter argument? Show the two sides of an argument and let the viewer decide for themselves. If this video is supposed to be one side of the argument, where is the link to the other one? This goes for the other segments as well.

  3. You just pretend that the people who dug coal in mines or built roads etc. didn't get a wage for it and had to lead a bad life. The opposite is the case. They were paid fairly and well, and otherwise well looked after! Since when do you have the right to live somewhere forever just because you worked somewhere ?! You start a job with a company, regardless of whether it is in your own country or abroad, and when the employment contract comes to an end I have to go home and look for a new job – that's the way it is everywhere in the world!

  4. I don't believe in excluding anyone, but I frankly don't see how to solve these issues unless people are willing to see both sides and the fact is that young Arabs are excluded because their parents often don't allow them the same liberties and privilege's as European youth, compounded with fact that other religious groups often get blamed for the blights of their community, it is easy to understand why they end up hating the native populations. But bottom line is that they have some issues of their own they need to work out before I even have a chance of inviting anybody out for a beer. Perhaps if they'd allow their daughters to date out side of their own community there could be some more integration. These are seriously the biggest hurdles to fix this problem.

  5. European governments and America are the one to blame for all these . If it wasn't for the wars they created and funded in the Middle East and Africa , these people would be living in their ancestral lands today .  Wars and the hardships they caused were the things that forced them to leave their homes and sought refuge elsewhere. I can't blame ordinary Europeans for not being  friendly to immigrants. They have the right to protect their cultures and identity .  This is part of being human.  In my opinion, the world would be a better place if everybody lived in their own countries. Globalisation should be resisted because it is not healthy. That is not because I hate people who are not from my country. But I think people love one another more if they live far away from one another .  If you put people of different faiths and backgrounds in one area for a long time , conflicts happen. There is no doubt about that. 
    My grandparents used to tell me that many years ago in my country , there were no diseases and no hatred or fight among people. If someone died in a village or town ,  everyone would mourn for a very long time.  Everything was peaceful; no crimes and there was no racism because people looked the same and spoke the same language. 
     But once some foreigners came , things started to fall apart. Deadly plaques and other bad things one can imagine came.

  6. I tell you that there are people who just want to live in peace! If the authorities would take care of those who have been in Syria, it must have a social engagement program in order to send these young people to military bases with a commitment on their part and not only have the ideology in mind. ! It would take a group of people with special training to train these young people in order to produce the opposite effect which made them leave the comfort of the family. And those who have been indoctrinated too much should be sent to an island where there will be militarized training for as long as necessary. I believe that immigration has been ill-suited to arrive in a country with opposite kinds of life. It is also necessary to clarify who benefits from the crime and the sums of money paid out by Saudi Arabia and Iran, the two major producers of terrorists. And there are those alongside who form clans in order to make the lives of others impossible. There is hope!

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