Has Trump abused social media? | Inside Story

For years, Twitter was Donald Trump’s go-to platform to promote his policies, attack his critics and to spread misinformation.
But on Friday, Twitter said enough, and permanently suspended his account, due to a risk of further incitement of violence.
That’s the President of the United States, banned, for encouraging violence in his own country.
Social media platforms were under growing pressure to take action against Trump, after hundreds of his supporters stormed Capitol Hill in Washington on Wednesday.
But is that a crackdown on freedom of speech?
And how has social media helped those in power push their agendas?

Presenter: Kamahl Santamaria

Jim Anderson, CEO of SocialFlow, a tech company specialising in distributing social media content.
Claire Wardle, U.S. branch Director at First Draft, a non-profit aimed at tackling misinformation globally.
Mark Douglas, CEO and founder of the adtech firm, Steelhouse.

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  1. donald trump is to be remembered in the deal of the century with netanyahu/tel aviv… donald trump is now outgoing… throwing stones to humiliate donald trump as he vacates the whitehouse would only create further mess/chaos in the 80 million supporters (accdg to global media) of trump…

  2. it is not trump who abused social media… it is the social media who wanted to make money out of trump or any celebrity who pay them for dictated articles… like stalin and karl marx… many western books and writers profiteed from slandering stalin and questioning karl marx… but the more social media profit in their fake news, gradually young brains take second thoughts…

  3. it is not the social media however bullshits paid and dictated media… india yoga india hindu china/east asia shinto japan north korea dynasty zoro-persia-islamic iran orthodox russia muslim countries still flourishing despite western and other media vicious slanders… cpc(ccp) is more than 100 years… russia is still eurasia… it is up to the people… like western europe young people, they are nowadays thinking twice that east people know and understand too much about the west great philosophers and historical people while western people still learning the many truths about the east events and peoples… it is not the social media… it is the people…for example al jazeera at one time seem to be promoting western nations in the middle east… for some, they boycott al jazeera but for most, simply choose the article by al jazeera that you like to read/watch… al jazeera is still an instrument of media that brings something… a media cannot 100% relay fake news… there is still a dot of truth… up to the people to disregard or pick up a certain subject matter… out of millions of books, karl marx books is universally talked about… you cited duterte as an example… duterte, in his time, is southern born to run as president of the philippines… the massive south people supported duterte… many people wanted change of regionalism… maybe… ferdinand marcos is an idol but marcos is past era… social media can make money as much as they want… up to the people…

  4. So, we are not judging the words themselves, but rather judging the actions of other people whose actions were not the fulfillment of anything said in that tweet. No, not us, Twitter Inc. is making that judgement, and cutting the President of the US from what 70,000,000 of his feed subscribers? Private company? Publicly traded, and utilized by every political leader in the country to deliver messages to the voting public.

  5. Social media is a private company they have rules we have to follow they don't need to follow the 1st amendment at all. Fb is really dating site IG is for photographers idk much about the others but thats the truth. And each of them have there own responsibility of what is allowed on it. And what people post. If something like getting a mob into the capital building and attacking others. With Social media is happening they have the right to stop it. I have seen it many times wen gang members call out to kill others and there account is taken down. The same goes to the Commander in chief of the USA he has his responsibility of his followers to do good not take down the capital building

  6. trump should be in jail rather than anything right now. I tried to get into a video of him denying his involvement with the insurrection. Well All I seen was an add about the new Tesla. You can't fast forward and you cant make comments. So I came here to say he is lying. He also is going to the wall and saying that it was built and it was the best. I did a fact check( because with this dude you need to) and found that he only completed three miles of wall and I saw some guusTicToK climbing it up and down to the other side and then back while he is saying it was the best and unpenetrable unclimbable wall ever. He can't twitter now so he is in texas talking a lot of poo.

  7. All social media got some all sorts of wings and becomes clumsy, sickly, ordinary, gnawing platforms, all are just like that. Time to rule them too, and help, and aroused the one still at sleep. Social media and spying on your information and making millions and etc…is like their platform is the production of basic resource that a living thing needs for basic living and believe it is not. To much power to these platforms is like Trump using it in wrong purposes inciting violence and they do. Free speech I did notice being a colossal problem Facebook and Linkedin both have issues with First Amendment. Social media abuses people too with all the ads and infiltrates themselves with their agenda, once they figure out what the individual does daily on their platform, salvaged!

  8. These are private companies. While i don’t agree with their policies sometime, it isn’t censorship. Freedom of speech ( amendment 1 ) is about GOVERNMENT censorship of free speech. So, free speech is not being infringed by Twitter or anyone else. the issue should be whether Twitter on any other communication venue is so ubiquitous that it and others should fall under regulation. News outlets such as NBC, FOX, ABC, etc make decisions on what to report and how to report it all the time. Is their omission of certain newsworthy stories also censorship? Free speech has not been infringed. What has been impacted is the ability of some to have access to a broadly prescribed communication venue. Let’s frame the issue properly. No free speech issue here. Access to a widely distributed venue to exercise free speech has been taken away.

  9. first president to be labeled as a troll, twitter and facebook, both cia funded platforms, iterally every company that is financed by inqtel is a cia sponsored engagement. inqtel = It invests in high-tech companies to keep the Central Intelligence Agency, and other intelligence agencies, equipped with the latest in information technology in support of United States intelligence capability. even google was funded by them in the early years. LOL

  10. It is the American way to Bully & Abuse Humanity, as US History portrays where exploitation of workers still exists (Slavery), War mongering to sell weapons (Bush weapons of mass destruction, Yemeni crisis, UAE, Saudi' & Israel genocide / war crimes, legal police culling of human beings trained by Israeli Army shoot 1st ask questions later.

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